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Below are a few quick tasks to undertake when buying your next home.

  • Find a REALTOR® at Sutton Right Way.
  • Determine which area of the city you would like to live in
  • Think about what features are essentials in your new home (size of garage, bedrooms, bathrooms, pool, etc.)
  • Based on the amount of money you have saved, calculate what you can afford
  • Figure out your monthly budget for mortgage payments
  • Consider other monthly expenses that will incur with being a home owner
  • Get a mortgage pre-approval
  • Find a lawyer to take care of legalities
  • Make plans to set up property insurance for after you have made your purchase

This checklist should get you on your way to purchasing your next home and for some other helpful links be sure to check out our article on making an offer and preparing for the big move.

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