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Our office consists of an accomplished team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you with all your real estate needs.

Kelly Byers
Kelly ByersSales Representative
Tel.: 519.536.5360
Fax.: 519.539.8642
Heather Nielsen
Heather NielsenSales Representative
Tel.: 519.636.8769
Fax.: 519.539.8642
Jessica Curtis-Blair
Jessica Curtis-BlairSales Representative
Tel: 519.532.7458
Fax: 519.539.8642


Heather Haldane
Heather HaldaneSales Representative
Tel: 519.532.6032
Fax: 519.539.8642
Jeff Langdon
Jeff LangdonSales Representative
Tel: 226.228.5898
Fax: 519.539.8642

Brady Woods
Brady WoodsSales Representative
Tel: 519-537-9894
Email: bradywoods@sutton.com
Dave Redford
Dave RedfordBroker of Record
Fax: 519.539.8642

Shelley Rogers
Shelley RogersSales Representative
Tel: 519.421.4357
Fax: 519.539.8642

Grace Rusnak
Grace RusnakSales Representative
Tel: 519.535.2118
Fax: 519.539.8642

Joe Schurink
Joe SchurinkSales Representative
Tel: 519.536.1456
Fax: 519.539.8642

Lisa Schurink
Lisa SchurinkSales Representative
Tel: 519.421.6590
Fax: 519.539.8642

Drew Symons
Drew SymonsSales Representative
Tel: 519.532.5250
Fax: 519.539.8642
Craig Van Wees
Craig Van WeesSales Representative
Tel: 519.532.4300
Fax: 519.539.8642

Sheila Webb Thorne
Sheila Webb ThorneSales Representative
Tel: 519.788.0014
Fax: 519.539.8642

Paul Wood
Paul WoodSales Representative
Tel: 519.537.9770
Fax: 519.539.8642

Jen Thomson
Jen ThomsonBroker
Tel: 519.535.4243
Fax: 519.539.8642

Lily Wong
Lily WongSales Representative
Tel: 519.536.1188
Fax: 519.539.8642

Katie Zehr
Katie ZehrSales Representative
Tel: 519.709.5283
Fax: 519.539.8642

Cassandra Benard
Cassandra BenardSales Representative
Tel: 519.537.1499
Fax: 519.539.8642

Nicole Kirchner
Nicole KirchnerSales Representative
Tel: 519-537-0991
Email: nicole@jcbrealestate.ca